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What is an ideal life style? Are we living a ideal healthy life style in this fast moving world where everyone is aiming for perfections, infinite desires and unparalleled expectations? It definitely seems unlikely to escape these desires which is further fueled by ones own perception and definition of “being satisfied” which also differs from person to person and thus the rat race continues.

In this rat race that eventually takes a toll on ones health, an individual is often faced with 2 choices which one must make to resolve his/ her health condition. Unfortunately, we always end up picking the “perceived” easy choice which eventually leads to further health deterioration. 

Lets look at this example to put things in the right perspective - a diabetic patient who visits a Doctor looking for a cure is often offered with 2 choices by the treating physician 

  1. To make alterations to his daily routine (diet, exercise, habits etc) to stay fit and healthy and overcome the disorder, and/ or
  2. a bottle of Insulin per day

Now the patient has been placed with two different options for his condition to play with i.e (a) a change in way of living and (b) a bottle of insulin per day. Now it is for the individual to "CHOOSE" between option "a" or "b". 

The choice thus rests with the individual whether to align with nature and have a calm peaceful life or whether to take medications for immediate external reliefs.   

The ultimate universal truth in the nature or the cosmic energy of the earth gives you the authority to decide what and all you want and the consequences which comes along with it for the choices you have made.

To live  an ideal life style all that we need is to take care of 4 foremost daily aspects;

  1. Food – organically grown, slow cooked in water and a body which eats when it feels hungry        
  2. Mind – Regular practice of meditation & introspection of repeated positive thoughts 
  3. Daily Routine – Exercise daily, develop health preserving habits
  4. Environment – Connect with nature & nurture healthy  relationship  

Remember - “You obtained your body by God’s grace. It is a precious gift and deserves right use”

Human life is to be celebrated and cherished to its fullest by a way of healthy living which should not be traumatized in any way by worries, anxiety, anguish or fear of being a failure. According to me there is nothing called success or failure. These are mere myths created and imposed by the society on us to desire for more and more. The ultimate purpose of human life is to have faith, a faith which does not have boundaries to stop or standards to maintain or rules to follow. Human life is to be lived but not to be counted by the accomplishments.

Human body is like a machine. Doctors are the mechanics of this machine. If you know how to run your machine properly, the mechanics or so-called doctors will not have to be called up.


BN.,YS., Msc. Psychology


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