Multani Mitti For Skin

Skin is very delicate and needs to be taken care of. I remembered in my teens when I use to face oily skin problems, there was always one ingredient ready for me in my mother’s beauty box that is “Multani Mitti.” It is also known as Fuller’s earth.
Multani mitti is natural ingredient which is being used from ages in beauty treatments. It is the natural ingredient that works like magic to skin. This ingredient is best to get rid of skin issues and achieve blemish free skin. It is great agents which cleans, exfoliate and nourishes the skin.
Fuller’s earth is such element that absorbs oil, dirt and impurities, leaving the skin soft, clean and supple. One can combine them with number of other ingredients and achieve desired results. This magical ingredient is suitable for all skin types whether it is oily or dry. Here are some reasons why you should use Multani mitti?
Top benefits of Multani Mitti are:-
  • Help to fight acne and pimples
  • Remove excess oil and sebum
  • Treat pigmentation and sun tanning
  • Even out skin tone and also brightens complexion of skin
  • Deeply cleanses skin by removing dirt and impurities from skin
  • Facilitate blood circulation in face , leading to glowing skin
  • It has antiseptic properties
  • Effective in treating skin rashes, sun burns and infections as it also act as cooling agent.
  • It can be used to compress skin inflammation and insect bites.
  • Keep away blackheads/whiteheads, blemishes, pimples and acne spots.
How to use Multani Mitti? Fuller’s earth can be used for various purposes because of their multiple benefits. Here are some usages of multani mitti for skin.
Multani Mitti for Oily Skin: Multani mitti is very effective in controlling oiliness of the skin. It can be used for any skin type. For oily skin make face pack with 2 teaspoon multani mitti, pinch of turmeric and some tomato juice. This can be used once a week and you can get rid of face oiliness.
Multani Mitti for Exfoliation: Our skin cells dies and needs to be replaced by new cells. If we do not get rid of dead cells our face looks dull and also lifeless. We need to exfoliate our skin to remove the dead cells. Multani mitti can be used as natural scrub to exfoliate dead cells and leaving glowing skin .
Multani Mitti for Skin Tightening: Aging causes ill effects on skin. Our skin becomes loose and saggy as we age. Benefits of multani mitti for skin tighteningare well known. So make pack of multani mitti with rose water and apply on face and neck thrice a week. This will reduce sagging and will tighten the skin. This will rejuvenate skin and make it look younger.
Multani Mitti for Spots or Blemishes: Acne scars on face looks very irritating. Popping up pimples may results in scars formation. Multani mitti can be very effective when it is applied in form of face pack with lemon water. It can be used twice a week for blemishes removal.
Multani Mitti for Dry Skin: Dry skin is troublesome. Dry skin needs to moisturize well and regularly in order to maintain soft and moist skin. Many times we try lots of face pack, toners and moisturizers to treat dry skin. Multani mitti is the very effective for dry skin if it is used with milk and almond paste.
Multani Mitti for Sun Tan: People with certain skin types are more prone to develop sun tanning . If multani mitti is used as face mask regularly, you can reduce sun tanning very easily.
Multani Mitti for Fairness: Selling fairness cream in market has become million dollars industry today. People needs fairness and try various products to get glowing, fair skin. So instead of spending lots of money make use of multani mitti. This will surely give fairness to skin.
Multani Mitti for Glowing Skin: Due to environmental pollutants our skin becomes dull and lacks in glow. Make use of multani mitti with honey or rose water and get youthful and glowing skin. Use this face pack regularly and get flawless skin.
So, utilize the multiple benefits of this magical mud. Make use of this natural method to fight skin problems and get smooth, even toned skin.  Apply it regularly according to your skin type on and enjoy benefits of Multani mitti to the fullest.

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