Naturopathy for Diabetes


Naturopathy for Diabetes

Naturopathy is a holistic system of healing. In that Hydrotherapy is the major treatment and the effect of this is achieved by vasodilatation and vasoconstriction of blood vessel, according to the temperature and mode which we use.

Gastro Hepatic Pack on Type-2 DM:

In Type-2 DM, the utilization of glucose is disturbed due to insulin resistance and in later stages production of insulin from pancreas also lessens due to continued stimuli for secretion. This results in  insufficient secretion which makes glucose to settle down in blood itself resulting in hyperglycemia and other diabetic symptoms. 

Below is a brief description of GH Pack:


  • Keep the fomentation bag fill with hot water of 98-104F on epigastric region of abdomen
  • Then keep the ice bag fill with ice cubes on centre of lumbar area
  • Wrap two bag with woolen towel.

Duration:     30-45 mins


Hot application on abdomen:

Fomentation on abdominal region

Vasodilatation on superficial blood vessel of abdomen

Increase peripheral circulation, 

Due to increased circulation, Increase o2 saturation,

Reduce blood glucose level

Cold application on back:

Contraction of cutaneous circulation

Increase visceral circulation to all abdominal organs

It excites the muscular structure of visceral organs and thus helps to stimulate function all abdominal organs

Stimulate liver for metabolism and pancreas to secrete insulin

This alternate vasodilatation and vasoconstriction reaction on abdomen region , stimulates and strengthens the function of organs and improves the utilization of glucose.


In Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus, Gastro Hepatic pack gives effective reduction in blood glucose level by improving organ (liver, pancreas) functions as well as utilization of the glucose from blood. As naturopathy says, understanding the condition and accordingly following the simple and effective therapies regularly can help overcome come any disorders. 

BNYS, Acupuncture Fellowship

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