Naturopathy Perspective On Covid-19

Naturopathy Perspective On Covid-19


“Uncertainity” a single word explains the condition which we are facing now.In this pandemic many scientist putting their full effort to discover the vaccines. Some drugs gives supportive measures. Eventhough our immunity is the ultimate thing which we need now, to survive over this covid-19. 

By improving our immunity we can prevent and get rid of this covid19, in that aspect Naturopathy and yoga help and heals many of the covid-19 pateints in its unique way. 
Naturopathic view on covid-19: 
Corona virus invading our body through nasal pathway and mouth, so nasal and oral hygiene are the necessary thing to prevent the further complicaton, and improving once own immunity is the next measure to stop their effect on the healthy cells. 
“Unity of Disease; Unity of cure” is the first rule in naturopathy to cure diseases, symptoms or name of the disease may differ frm perso to person but the cure is achieve by improving the immune system, here I will share the protocols which we follow in successful cases of covid-19.
❖ Immune boosting Drink: Indian Gooseberry juice-50ml, Basil juice-50ml, Ginger juice-10ml, fresh lime juice-5ml , turmeric powder-1/4 tsp, Water-150ml Dosage: Twice a day 
❖ Immune boosting Hot drink: Peeled crushed ginger 5gm, Tulsi(Basil) leaves 10gms, pepper powder1/4 tsp, crushed adhimadhuram(liquorice root) powder 5gms, Turmeric powder ¼ and drinking water. Boiled and take twice a day. 
❖ Fruits: Amla, pomegranate, guava, pineapple, blueberry, orange, mosambi which has enough of vitamin c and zinc to boost immunity as well as lung strengthening. 
❖ Vegetables: Raddish, cabbage, green leafy vegetables, knool-khool, lemon 
❖ Herbs: Basil, adathoda, licorice root, long pepper,kalmegh(nilavembu),mint, Mexica mint. 
❖ Oil pulling for 10-15mins 
❖ Oil drops in both nostrils to prevent dryness. 
❖ Sun bath between 10am to 2pm. 
❖ Steam inhalation with infusion of tulasi,eucalyptus oil 
❖ Inhale Aroma oils like peppermint,eucalyptus,lavender,karpoorathi oils. 
❖ Warm water fomentation to chest and upper back. 
1. Asanas: 
❖ Sethubandasana 
❖ Saral matsyasana 
❖ Bhujangasana 
❖ Sarpasana 
❖ Dhanurasana 
❖ Vajrasana 
❖ Ustrasana 
❖ Vriksasana 
❖ Ardha chakrasana 
❖ Veerabadrasana 
2. Pranayama: 
❖ Nadi shuddhi 
3. Kriya: 
❖ Kaphalabathi 
❖ Jala neti 
4. Meditation: 
❖ Om chanting 
❖ Deep Relaxation Technique  



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BNYS, Acupuncture Fellowship

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