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Naturopathy for Diabetes
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  Naturopathy for Diabetes Naturopathy is a holistic system of healing. In that Hydrotherapy is the major treatment a
An Ideal Life Style - Ayurveda Way
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    What is an ideal life style? Are we living a ideal healthy life style in this fast moving world where everyone is a
Multani Mitti For Skin
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Skin is very delicate and needs to be taken care of. I remembered in my teens when I use to face oily skin problems,
Uses of Oils in Ayurveda
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  Ayurveda is the ancient science of healing with more than 5000 years of history. It is the natural treatment syste
Skin care tips in Winter season
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Everyone is conscious about their skin. So you should be more conscious about your skin in the winter seasons. There
Tips for Obesity Control
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Obesity has become common problem these days. This is mainly lifestyle and eating habits induced. Obesity is explai
Ayurveda Indication of Sleeping during day
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A healthy person generally should not sleep during the days except in summer. In summer a person gets exhausted
Uses of Honey as the best superfood and medicine
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Honey is the wonderful gift of god full of antioxidant, energy and healing power. Honey has been used as both sup

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