9 day Webinar Series on Women's Health & Wellness

Vedayu will be hosting a 9-day webinar series on Women's health on the eve of Navratri starting from 17 October through to 26 October. The web-series will be hosted by Dr. Shraddhha Gosavi and will be presented by industry stalwarts and experts in the field of Women Wellness. So register today as there are very limited seats available!



Dr Mitali Rishikesh Dhanavade

BAMS, MD (Bhaishajya Kalpana) 
Cosmetologist and Tricologist in Ayu
Organic Cosmetic Preparation and Aromatherapy


Dr. Gayatri Mulye

MD (Ayurved) 
Special proficiency in gynaecological disorders,  infertility,
hormonal disorders, life style disorders, child health care
and Garbhasanskaar


Dr. Apurva Gosavi

Obstretician and Gynaecologist with 10 years of experience and
Medical Officer in charge at BMC Maternity Home


Dr. Bhakti Sandbhor

BAMS, MD (Ayu)
Ayurvedic consultant for last 8 years with specialization in
Ayurvedic Diet, Gastrointestinal Diseases & Panchakarma


Dr. Minakshi Bagal

BAMS, MD (Ayu)
Specialization in Leucorrhoea, Hypermenorheoa , Antenatal Care (preconceptional and throughout pregnancy) & Garbhasanskar 


Dr.Priyanka Pathare

BAMS, MD (Ayu), Phd (Sch)
Practicing since 10 years with specialization in treatment of
Heart diseases, Diabetes, Blood pressure & Lifestyle disorders


Dr. Sayali Vaidya - Shukla

Specialization in Beej Shudhi 


Dr. Seema Mehere

MS- Stri-Roga Prasuti Tantra ( Ayurved Vachaspati) 
Professor and HOD of Gynaec Dept at Dr G D Pol Foundation’s YMT
Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital at Kharghar, Navi Mumbai


Dr. Surekha Sagare

Specialization in Ovarian Syndrome and
other Women related Wellness 

Registrations open from 15 October. Limited seats available!


Program details as below:-

 Speaker Topic Date Time
Dr. Seema Mehere Leucorrhoea through lens of Ayurveda 17/10 6 - 7 pm
Dr. Mitali Rishikesh Dhanavade Beauty and Skin care for Women 18/10 6 - 7 pm
Dr. Apurva Sandesh Gosavi Tokophobia - Myths and Facts about the Fear of Pregnancy and Childbirth 19/10 2 - 3 pm
Dr. Gaytri Mulye Common Menstrual Problems 20/10 5 - 6 pm
Dr. Bhakti Sandbhor Special Diet care for Women 21/10 5 - 6 pm
Dr. Priyanka Pathare Heart care and Women 22/10 5 - 6 pm
Dr.Surekha Sagare Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome through Lens of Ayurveda 23/10 5 - 6 pm
Dr.Minakshi Bagal Common Breast Disorders - CA Breast  24/10 5 - 6 pm
Dr. Sayali Vaidya Beejshudhi - Healthy Child, Healthy Future - need of century 26/10 5 - 6 pm

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