Inter-College Ayurveda Youth Journalism Contest 2020/21

We would like to invite your college to participate in the Inter-College Ayurveda Youth Journalism Contest 2020/21.

The winner of this competition will have his/her poster printed and distributed to Ayurveda Colleges and will have his/her poster posted on our website along side the college/ institution name.

The competition seeks to stimulate awareness about “Medical Journalism” among students and effectively educate younger generations about what medical journalism is all about, the career opportunities in this field and how they can inspire the future Ayurveda aspirants to gain admission to this prestigious course and your institution and build a career out of it. 

Rules and Guidelines

  • All students of  AYURVEDA may take part in the competition
  • It is MANDATORY that the participants are nominated by their respective colleges
  • Age criteria for participation will be restricted between 18 - 26 years
  • The topics for submitting your articles are as below. Articles outside these topics will be considered invalid. Following are the topics:
    1. Ayurveda is ready for a future pandemic situation - Justify the statement. Discuss plan, approach and implementation module
    2. Innovative Ayurveda products for the future markets - Discuss plan, approach and implementation module
    3. Integrated Ayurveda approach - using a combination of Ayurveda and other alternative practices and creating a success model - Discuss plan, approach and implementation module
    • The participation application  should be sent by the respective college and should carry the following information:

      • Name & Age of the student
      • City/Region
      • College Name, Address & phone number
      • Teacher’s/ Mentor's name
      • E-mail / ID of student & teacher
    • All the participating students will get a Certificate of Participation and the ones selected will have his/her poster printed and posted in all Ayurveda colleges. The winner will also qualify to work with Vedayu Magazine as a freelance journalist and have his/ her articles published in our Magazine and also publish blogs and articles on vedayuonline site

    The contest will be conducted in 3 rounds:

    Round 1:

    The competition will be conducted in AYURVEDA colleges throughout the state. Each entry must be submitted through the contestant’s college only.

    The college will select 10 students (maximum) across all batches and email their articles to Vedayu ( along with above mentioned details on or before 31st December 2020. The articles can also be individually emailed to us ( after obtaining respective college approval (email approval is also ok)

    Round 2:

    A committee/jury comprising of 4 to 5 renowned persons in Ayurveda, Journalism and officials will select up to 3 best articles out of the total number of the articles sent by the respective colleges.

    The list of 50 top selected students (with their photos and college names) and their articles will be uploaded on our official website by 1st February 2021.

    Round 3:

    The articles chosen will be put up for general public votes and likes through the social media and the article that receives the most votes till 10th February 2021 will be then chosen for the final round.

    Round 4:

    Top 3 winners will be asked to do a live presentation of their article explaining the details and case studies and reasoning as to why their article should be chosen as the winner. The winner will be announced by 15th February 2021 through a common consensus or majority amongst the judges. The winners photo will be printed and distributed to all the colleges and will be posted on the website of and also on various other official websites by 20th February 2021.

    The appointed judges will comprise industry leaders, journalists and other dignitaries who will choose the winner based on the predefined criteria on or before 10th February 2021 and the participants will be informed accordingly to prepare for the debate event.

    Winners will be invited for a award ceremony and based on their location. All travel, food and stay arrangements will be made by the organisers.

    Wishing all the very best to all the participants!

    Warm regards,
    Contest Support Team



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