National Medical (Ayurveda) Youth Journalism Contest
National Medical (Ayurveda) Youth Journalism Contest
National Medical (Ayurveda) Youth Journalism Contest
National Medical (Ayurveda) Youth Journalism Contest
National Medical (Ayurveda) Youth Journalism Contest
National Medical (Ayurveda) Youth Journalism Contest
National Medical (Ayurveda) Youth Journalism Contest
National Medical (Ayurveda) Youth Journalism Contest
National Medical (Ayurveda) Youth Journalism Contest
National Medical (Ayurveda) Youth Journalism Contest

National Medical (Ayurveda) Youth Journalism Contest

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Vedayu - Health with Ayurveda is a health and wellness magazine with Ayurveda at its core. Through its articles and publications, Vedayu aims to educate people on the benefits of this ancient science that can bring wellness and good health into everyone's life. Happy reading!

National Medical (Ayurveda) Youth Journalism Contest


National Medical (Ayurveda) Youth Journalism Contest aims to provide a platform to showcase some of the best teen journalism in the country in the field of Ayurveda and Medicine.

It is a great opportunity for the students across the country to participate in this contest and showcase their talent across various categories ranging from Medical Journalism to Photo Essays.

Participants are required to first make the payment online and then fill in the application form and upload the article along with. Participants are required to quote the order number in the payment reference column in the application form. Only those forms with complete information and successful payment will be considered. Participants will be provided a mail confirmation upon receipt of the payment. We eagerly look forward to have a record participation this time!

For any additional information, please write to and we will get back to you. 

Important instruction for submitting application:

1. Make the Payment
2. Fill the application form
3. Update all required information
4. Upload the article & submit the form

Important Information regarding the contest:

Contest Launch Date: 25 November 2019
Contest Deadline: 25 January 2020 @ 11:30pm
Winner Announcement Date: 01 February 2020
Award Ceremony: 12 February 2020 (Tentative)

Eligibility Criteria:

1. All students of Ayurveda and Medicine can participate
2. Age limit of 18 - 26 years
3. PG students can also apply
4. This is a national contest open across all states
5. The organizing committee reserves the right to alter/ amend the eligibility at their own discretion 


General Rules 

  1. We require that all entries be made online
  2. We are not accepting emailed or paper copies of any application.
  3. The participant needs to upload their article/ notes/ images/ video online.
  4. Participant can also make a PDF of the printed work and upload it on this page along with the application form
  5. It is important that the judges must be able to read the article clearly to avoid disqualification.
  6. Participants can participate under multiple categories, however separate payments will have to be made for each category.
  7. The event will be judged by eminent personalities from the industry. Both the judges panel and selection criteria will be published on the website along with the result announcement date in the interest of confidentiality and to avoid conflict of interest
  8. Judges have the right to move an entry from one category to a more appropriate category and the right not to make an award in any particular category.
  9. All participants will be informed of the results via email (provided in the application). No personal communication or contacts will be entertained
  10. The organizing committee reserves the right to modify the rules without any prior intimation to the participants 


  • Student Journalist of the Year - Best Article on Ayurveda
  • Young Journalists of the Year - Team Award
  • Best Editorial on Ayurveda (400 words) - Individual
  • Essay Writing
  • Column/ Blog Writing - Individual (Need to provide link of existing blogs)
  • Column/ Blog Writing - Team (Need to provide link of existing blogs)
  • Multimedia/ Designing - Individual (Need to provide link of designs)
  • Multimedia/ Designing - Team (Need to provide link of designs)
  • Photography - Photo Essay (Individual)
  • Photography - Photo Essay (Team)

Why apply and what are the benefits of becoming a "Youth Journalist"?


Ayurveda students around the country that are passionate for writing articles, posts and news stories can now become an Ayurveda Youth Journalist. You can write and post articles on general and technical topics related to Ayurveda and Health in general. Youths that become Youth Journalists are dedicated, talented, and can inspire thousands of other students every day. Youth Journalists will receive a journalist ID from us which gives them the unique opportunity to publish and report as an official journalist for our Magazine and online platform.

Being an Ayurveda Youth Journalist is a high honour and gives you many privileges and possibilities. Most importantly, you will receive an official journalist license which includes an official journalist certificate and journalist identification card! Only a few outstanding youths receive the possibility to operate as a journalist. Here you find a full list of benefits, advantages, and privileges of being an Ayurveda Youth Journalist:

  • Journalist Certificate: You receive an official journalist certificate, which proves your eligibility to report and your special position as youth journalist.
  • Journalist Identification Card: You receive an official journalist identification card, which enables you to identify as official journalist
  • Journalist Platform: You will get access to the separate platform for journalists to increase your tools and productivity
  • Career Achievement: To become an Youth Journalist, you prove your skills and abilities as a journalist and an author. The journalist certificate will be a unique addition to your career and it will help you in the future.
  • National Groups: Youth Journalists have the possibility to promote and participate in International Youth Journals, to conduct local workshops, or to launch groups on writing and journalism in their schools, cities, or countries.
  • National Meetups: Regional and national meetups of youth journalists to meet, exchange, and collect ideas, can be arranged with the support of Vedayu Online platform
  • Videos and Podcast: Youth Journalists have the option to publish their stories in other formats, such as video or audio, to reach many people (e.g. interviews, broadcast, reports from certain regions). We will provide technical support to publish your idea through our online platform.
  • Featured Articles: The stories and articles of Youth Journalists have the possibility to be featured on the front page in the paper edition of Vedayu - Health with Ayurveda Magazine
  • Exclusive Events: Youth journalists can participate in several exclusive events and conferences. 
  • Recommendation Letters: If you are an active and passioned youth journalist, the editors of Vedayu - Health with Ayurveda Magazine are open to write recommendation letters for you, in order to honour your commitment.
  • Direct Contact and Experience Sharing: You will have a close contact with the Vedayu team and editors. This will enable you to post your article and also learn from the experience of the team members and editors
  • Journalists Award: Vedayu awards every year one youth journalist - the Best Journalists of the Year award in order to honour his/her commitment, active journalism and quality writing. Besides the journalist award, the winner will also be given special thank you notes and gifts for their achievements. This is a great honor to receive and will really help you in your future endevours!


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